Alliance brief introduction

The Alliance for comprehensive treatment of chemical environment was initiated by Jiangsu lanbisheng chemical environmental protection Co., Ltd. and invited enterprises or organizations with advanced technology and equipment in chemical environmental treatment to participate. It is expected that through the construction of the alliance, under the guidance of national policies, through industrial research, reasonable and feasible suggestions will be put forward for the chemical industry, and strategic consultation will be provided for the development of enterprises joining the alliance. And suggestions;

Through the park planning and environmental protection services, we can solve the environmental comprehensive management problems for chemical enterprises or parks; provide innovation services to provide process innovation and process upgrading services for customers; provide technology research direction, technology transformation and technology application services for scientific research institutes and colleges and universities;

Set up professional training institutions to train new talents for large-scale chemical enterprises, parks, governments and environmental protection enterprises, improve the operation and management level of chemical enterprises and parks, as well as transport professional talents for the industry;

To hold industry conferences, to meet the needs of industrial parks and enterprises, and according to the difficulties and hot issues of comprehensive treatment of chemical environment, to become a domestic and international special exchange conference, to build a bridge for the communication of government, scientific research, enterprises and other elements, to explore new policies, new technologies and new models of chemical treatment, to incubate research on international leading technology topics and technologies in comprehensive treatment of chemical environment Bottlenecks and difficulties, gather enterprise resources, jointly complete national and provincial projects, through engineering demonstration and application; introduce domestic and foreign funds to help alliance member units broaden the bottleneck of rapid development; use production, learning and research methods to promote cooperation between alliance units and universities, and improve the achievement transformation of domestic leading new technologies.

The alliance is committed to building a channel for the healthy growth of chemical environmental governance industry, improving the international popularity and reputation of its members, connecting domestic and foreign resources, guiding and solving the pain points of chemical enterprises, and making due contributions to national environmental governance.

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